During Robbie's 15 month battle with a rare form of terminal cancer, at just aged 12, he created The Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust. A Trust that aims to provide a facility where all children are treated in age appropriate surroundings through the revamped Ward 27 at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The RACT are exceptionally proud to have been such a vital part in fundraising and achieving this goal in Robbie's memory. 


In the last few months with the funding from RRF they have purchased two vital pieces of equipment for Ward 27, an ultra sound bladder scanner which is able to determine how much urine is in the bladder, and ensures a reduction in the trauma for the patient during catheterisation; as well as a cannula scanner which helps to locate veins at speed that can hold a cannula, reducing trauma, stress and bruising to the patient. Both of these scanners are vital to ensure all young people experience the least amount of discomfort possible when receiving treatment. 

Every day in the UK, six teenagers are told they have cancer. Cancer is a battle that must be fought on all fronts - the psychological fight is in many ways just as important as the physical care. The RACT recognises this and provides patients daily with home comforts and recreational equipment (including laptops, specialised baths and portable DVD players), as this is just as essential as the clinical surroundings they are treated within.


Other aims of The RACT include:


  • To raise funds to support the children's oncology ward with outings and fulfilling specific "wishes" for children.


  • To educate. To encourage all who are able to consider giving blood and/or platelets. The last few months of Robbie's life were totally dependent on these products and gave him precious time.


  • To raise awareness of the Antony Nolan Register, a charity that matches up people who need life changing bone marrow transplants with suitable donors from across the world. There is the opportunity to save someone's life if you register. 


We want The Robbie Anderson Cancer Trust to keep saying “Yes” when they are asked to help, and to keep making a difference to young people battling cancer. 



Charity Number - 1125466

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